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Balance Sheets Matter A Strong Connection with Size

Corporate Governance

Green Street's Governance Scoring System

Our governance ranking system, which is published annually, differs in two key respects from those provided by other evaluators: 1) our familiarity with the companies allows for subjective input; and 2) issues unique to REITs (e.g., quirks in Maryland corporate law, the 5 or fewer rule) are ignored by others. Scoring is on a 100-point basis with the key inputs highlighted below. REITs with higher governance scores typically trade at larger premiums to asset value.

Anti-Takeover Weapons
There are only a handful of REITs where insiders hold a blocking position, but it's a big deal where it exists. Because of that, a cap is placed on how many points a REIT where blocking power is present can score on anti-takeover rankings. After all, the anti-takeover provisions don't matter much if insiders control the vote.

Balance Sheets Matter A Strong Connection with Size