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Real Estate Analytics

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In-Depth Real Estate Analytics

Real Estate Analytics provides insightful commercial real estate research, data, and analytics to help real estate investors and service providers make the best possible capital allocation decisions. As a result of our over 30 year history, Green Street Advisors has accumulated a vast store of proprietary data and intelligence relating to the drivers of sector, market, and individual asset performance. Real Estate Analytics offers a suite of value-add research in digestible, conclusion-driven reports.

Macro Snapshots

Real Estate Pricing

  • Condensed monthly summary of Green Street’s views on real estate pricing
  • Includes:
    • Real estate vs. stocks and bonds
    • Relative sector pricing
    • The components of current real estate return expectations
    • Asset value forecasts
    • Cap rate and NOI growth time series
    • Commercial Property Price Index® (CPPI) time series

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Real Estate Fund Flows

  • Monthly summary of real estate fund flows
  • Includes:
    • Private equity and REIT capital raising activities and buying power
    • Global fund flows into U.S. REIT funds
    • Real estate transaction volumes
    • REIT external growth gauges

U.S. Economic Indicators

  • Monthly snapshot of the most recent prints for GDP, employment, retail spending, confidence, savings, and inflation
  • Green Street's base case macro forecasts and how they compare to consensus

Real Estate Debt Markets

  • Monthly report on the current cost and availability of secured and unsecured debt, preferred equity, and color on recent debt deals

U.S. Housing Dynamics

  • Monthly view of key housing metrics including home sales and pricing, households and homeownership, affordability, lending standards, and market-specific color

Global CRE Monitor

  • Quarterly report focusing on GDP, employment, bond yields, currency movements, and public and private commercial real estate returns of the largest global economies

Commercial Property Outlook

  • Quarterly report that discusses macro trends in the commercial real estate market
  • Analyzes the economic drivers of real estate demand and supply
  • Provides an outlook for property market fundamentals. What lies ahead for occupancy, rent and NOI?
  • Assesses the fair value of private and public market real estate at the property-sector level.
  • Explores the interplay between return expectations in the capital markets, and private and public market real estate pricing to help inform sector-based investment strategies.

GSA Commercial Property Price Index®

  • Monthly time series of unleveraged U.S. commercial property values.
  • Commercial real estate analysis reflects the prices at which institutional-quality commercial real estate transactions are currently being negotiated and transacted. Learn More about Green Street’s Commercial Property Price Index®.

Cap Rate Observer®

  • Identify where market-level cap rates and asset values are changing in the Apartment, Industrial, Office and Strip Center sectors

* This page features dated sample research reports, which do not reflect Green Street’s current recommendations or analyses.

Sector Outlook Reports

  • Annual reports for the apartment, industrial, mall, strip, and office sectors offering an in-depth and comprehensive analysis of the drivers impacting property fundamentals and valuations
  • Helps investors identify characteristics that may affect future investment performance in order to make more effective investment decisions
  • Notable features include Supply and Demand Analyses, Growth Forecasts, Proprietary Time Series, and other Value-Add Analyses
  • Also includes Market “Tear Sheets” for the top 50 markets with 2-pages of insights and commentary on fundamentals, growth forecasts, notable transactions, asset values, and return expectations

Sector Snapshots

  • Quarterly snapshots by property sector offering analysis of the drivers impacting supply, demand, and valuations in the private market
  • Includes sector specific commentary, RevPAF & NOI forecasts, surprise indices, asset value indices, REIT earnings snapshots, and quarterly performance metrics
  • Key data on cap rates, growth forecasts, IRRs, and market color for top U.S. metros
  • Sectors include:
    • Apartment
    • Industrial
    • Malls
    • Office
    • Strips
    • Health Care
    • Lodging
    • Storage

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* This page features dated sample research reports, which do not reflect Green Street’s current recommendations or analyses.

Market Snapshots

  • Snapshots of the top 50 U.S. markets released annually on each of the following sectors:
    • Apartment
    • Industrial
    • Malls
    • Office
    • Strips
  • Includes supply and demand analysis, growth forecasts, proprietary time series, and other value-add analyses
  • Comparison of critical metrics and a proprietary ranking on the 50 key markets
  • Expert commentary by Green Street’s analytical research team

Sector Dashboards®

  • Reports providing key market-level trends and statistics on operating performance and valuation for the Apartment, Industrial, Office, and Strip Center sectors
Market Apt Ind Mall Off Strip
D.C. Metro
Fairfield County
Fort Lauderdale
Inland Empire
Kansas City
Las Vegas
Long Island
Los Angeles
New Jersey (Central)
New Jersey (Northern)
New York
Oakland-East Bay
Orange County
Palm Beach
Salt Lake City
San Antonio
San Diego
San Francisco
San Jose
St. Louis
Tampa-St. Petersburg

DataHub - Proprietary valuation metrics & macroeconomic data at your fingertips

DataHub provides easy access to Green Street’s suite of proprietary data on asset valuations and operating fundamentals. This includes sector and market-level cap rates, commercial property price indices, RevPAF forecasts, and the most relevant supply and demand metrics. DataHub also provides convenient access to macroeconomic data sets, hand-selected by Green Street analysts, related to trends in housing, employment, population, consumption, economic output, consumer prices and interest rates. In addition, monthly market-level employment and multifamily building permits data are now available. All data is downloadable in user-friendly Excel files.

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